The Biz Club is a not for profit membership organization in the UK.

The Biz Club believes in private enterprise, individual freedom, localism in government, lower taxes and effective regulation to the benefit of smaller businesses. The Biz Club develops and encourages communication between politicians and business people and gathers together like-minded people to lobby and work with politicians and other influential people.

The Club holds necessary personal information (or data) about its members. It is the Club’s responsibility to keep this information safely and securely.

The Club keeps the following personal information for each member: Full name with titles and any decorations, date of birth, gender, profession and contact details: postal and email addresses and telephone numbers, record of attendance at Club events and associated payments and technical data acquired through the member’s communications with the Club.

In order to ensure that this personal information is accurate the Club asks members to inform it of any changes during their period of membership. The Club uses this personal information to elect the individual to membership, to deliver the Club’s services to him/her, and (on an aggregated, anonymised basis) to monitor the overall composition of the membership.

Access to the personal information of members is limited to the Club Administrator, Officers and members of the Committee; The personal information of members controlled by the Club is maintained solely by the Club Administrator and is protected from unauthorised access, including by other members. It will not be transferred to any third party.

The Club will delete the personal information of a member when his/her membership ceases, with the exception of the member’s name which is kept for purposes of historical research.

Every member has a legal right to update, change or delete any or all of his/her personal information in the Club’s records. A member wishing to do this is requested to contact the Club Administrator in the first instance as it may affect the Club’s ability to deliver its services to the member. If necessary, a member has a right to complain at any time to the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (

Any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy should be addressed to the Club Administrator at the following email address: