Our 21st June Luncheon

With Guest Speaker
Dr Lorraine Morley

Dr Lorraine Morley is an academic and industry consultant. She began her career in IT in retail banking, in the early days of the digital revolution. Leaving the banking industry in her mid-twenties, she set up her first restaurant with a business partner on a Dutch barge sailed over from the continent, before going on to open other restaurants and to buy the (then) micro-brewery Oakham Ales which has since won many major brewing awards and exports its products all over the world. Exiting the business in the 90’s, Lorraine went on to do an MBA and then a PhD in Open Innovation and for many years ran the UK arm of the European AgeTech Accelerator programme. Lorraine now lives in Cambridge and works as a technology consultant advising startups, corporates and the government. She also has a secret life as a novelist and playwright and her new play ‘Henrietta’s War’ is
being performed at the Corpus Playrooms in Cambridge in July. Many of you will know Lorraine as she regularly attends the Biz Club
Luncheons and we look forward to hearing her story along with ‘Henrietta’s’

Politics, Social Events, Fundraising, Networking

The Biz Club believes in private enterprise, individual freedom, localism in government, lower taxes, and effective regulation to the benefit of smaller businesses.

The Biz Club develops and encourages communication between politicians and business people, and gathers together like-minded people to lobby and work with politicians and other influential people.

Through events, it raises funds to pursue its objectives.  It provides networking opportunities for business owners and would-be owners with the object of increasing the profitable growth of the smaller business sector

Who Should Join?

Business managers, their advisor’s and anyone interested in promoting wealth creation.  The Biz Club is particularly concerned to support smaller private sector enterprises in their fight for survival and that continue to be the principal wealth job creators in the United Kingdom.

Anyone interested in changing the political landscape to promote the flourishing of small businesses functioning and their role in job creation.