Warm Tributes Paid To Geoffrey Pointon at the Biz Club lunch

Warm tributes and memories were shared of Biz Club founder Geoffrey Pointon at the Biz Club lunch held at the Falcon Hotel on Friday 22 October.

The overwhelming memory of Geoff was his dazzling stream of ideas which not only resulted in the Biz Club in Rutland and the Deal Makers Club in London, but his instinct for innovation saw him as a major contributor to the financial services industry that helped revolutionise the UK’s pension industry.

Memories of Geoffrey also recalled his immense acts of kindness and generosity of spirit.

Christine Emmett said: “It was ideas that got Geoff excited but there is one thing stronger than ideas, love. Love of his family, friends, and colleagues, love for his community and love for his country. He demonstrated this, by the time he gave us, the quiet deals he did, by helping someone down on his luck, cooking Christmas dinner for pensioners who lived alone and sharing his holiday homes.”

Neighbour Maggie Herbert-Jobson fondly recalled that Geoffrey was a ‘man for all seasons’ with a passion for the arts, his country, his family and fairness and as the generous distributor of pink gin from his garage. “He was one of the nicest and kindest people I know, he gave me such a warm welcome when I moved to Uppingham – I loved him to pieces,” she said.

Steve Harvey, Group Managing Director of Westerby Investment Management, regaled guests with a story about Geoff, who he worked with for 18 years, including the launch of the Pointon York SIPP – the first to be put to the market. Steve said: “He had such self-confidence – in every meeting we went into he always thought we’d win. We didn’t win every time, but he always did the best job he could. He will be deeply missed.”

Rutland Councillor Ed Baines said Geoffrey’s gift was that he could always relate to each generation, and it was his personality that enabled the Biz Club to take off. “It will be his permanent memorial,” he said, “and long may it continue.”

Peter Boddington remembered Geoffrey’s thoughtfulness and kindness when he arranged for him to see Geoffrey’s own doctor after Peter told him he was going blind. Thanks to Geoffrey’s intervention Peter now has full vision. He said: “He was a wonderful bloke, he was always there when you needed him, a very caring man. That was Geoff Pointon.”

Biz Club President, Shane James, concluded the lunch with her own tribute. “He was always there for a glass of wine over a heated discussion on religion or divorce, but we talked about many things – he was a great mentor and friend and I miss him immensely.”

The Biz Club will continue in Geoff’s memory with a Christmas special to be held at the Falcon Hotel in Uppingham on 17 December 2021. For more information contact: info@thebizclub.co.uk