Vince Cable

Political Experience

Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament for Twickenham since 1997, Vincent Cable is the Liberal Democrat Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer and speaks for his party on issues of Finance, European Economic and Monetary Union and the City.

Economics and Finance

Special Advisor to Secretary of State for Trade (John Smith) in 1979. Written several books on Trade Policy and International Finance. Recently published an in depth study of international telecommunications: ‘Global Superhighways’. In 1999 published a major book on ‘Globalisation and Global Governance’ for Chatham House and Brookings


Drafted the report for Commonwealth Prime-Ministers’ Conference on climate change and ‘greenhouse effect’. Helped prepare the report of the World Commission for the Environment with Mrs Brundtland (Prime Minister of Norway) and Mr Ramphal.

Development & Foreign Affairs

Prepared background report to 1995 ‘Britain in the World’ Conference. Helped prepare major report on international institutions with Ingmaar Carlsson (Prime Minister of Sweden)

Professional experience

  • Chief Economist of Shell International
  • Head of Economics, Royal Institute of International Affairs
  • Special adviser to Commonwealth secretary-general Sonny Ramphal
  • United Nations Association London and South East Region President
  • Deputy Director Overseas Development Institute
  • Diplomatic Service
  • Lecturer in Economics, University of Glasgow
  • Treasury Official, Government of Kenya
  • Freelance work for World Bank and UN.
  • Worked extensively in India and Latin America
  • Regular broadcaster and columnist:
  • The Independent (on economic and political issues)
  • The Economist


  • Cambridge University (Natural Science and Economics)
  • President of Cambridge Union
  • Ph.D. University of Glasgow
  • Currently visiting fellow, Nuffield College, Oxford.
  • Former Special professor at the University of Nottingham

Political positions held include:

  • Shadow Secretary of State for Trade and Industry 1999 – 2003
  • Liberal Democrat MP for Twickenham 1997 – to date
  • Liberal Democrat Candidate for Twickenham 1992
  • Social Democrat Party candidate York 1983 and 1987
  • Labour Councillor Glasgow 1971-74 specialising in transport issues and strategic planning for the city

He is Chair of:

  • All Party Parliamentary Group on Victims of Crime

Vice Chair of:

  • All Party Parliamentary Group on Insurance and Financial Services
  • All Party Parliamentary Group on Management
  • All Party Parliamentary Group on Policing
  • All Party Parliamentary Group on Pulmonary Hypertension

Member of:

  • All Party Parliamentary Group on Corporate Social Responsibility
  • All Party Parliamentary Fire Safety Group
  • All Party Parliamentary Internet Group
  • Associate Parliamentary Manufacturing Industry Group
  • All Party Parliamentary Group on Occupational Pensions
  • All Party Parliamentary Group on Overseas Development
  • All Party Parliamentary Group on Primary Care & Public Health
  • Associate Parliamentary Group on Justice for Road Traffic Victims
  • All Party Parliamentary Small Business Group
  • All Party United Nations Parliamentary Group
  • Associate Parliamentary Warm Homes Group
  • All Party Parliamentary Youth Hostelling Group