Rutland Biz Club welcomes Brexit MP Andrew Rosindell

Andrew Rosindell MP predicted a no deal Brexit as he addressed the Rutland Biz Club at their regular monthly lunch at the Falcon Hotel in Uppingham on Friday 20 July.

The Romford MP told attendees that the people of Britain should not be afraid as Conservative MPs and Theresa May’s Cabinet consider the Prime Minister’s latest Brexit deal.

He said: “Theresa May has made a genuine attempt to find a solution to Brexit, but the EU has no incentive to give us a good deal and want to punish us, so no other country will contemplate it. It is trying to bully us, so we need to say that we want a free trade agreement or it’s off. It will be a bumpy road but long term we will look back and think, ‘what was all the fuss about?’ Future generation will thank us for the shift to be free to make our own laws and to choose our own destiny.”

Mr Rosindell said that Britain should look to other English-speaking nations and the Commonwealth for trade. He said: “We need the confidence and courage to make Brexit a success. Europe has seen dictators, Fascism and Communism, but we have enjoyed a continued evolution of a parliamentary system underpinned by the rule of law and sovereignty. This patriotism goes all the way down to every town and village and makes us feel proud and determined to do the best for the Britain that we know and love.”

Biz Club President, Geoffrey Pointon, welcomed Mr Rosindell’s speech. He said: “Andrew Rosindell has brought the most divided and contentious debate about the Future of Britain to England’s smallest county. The Biz Club definitely punches above its weight, attracting some of the most high profile and talented politicians that  puts us firmly on the map, with our views going back to the heart of Government.”

The Biz Club meets on the third Friday of each month for a lunch at The Falcon Hotel in Uppingham, with a visiting speaker to encourage enterprise and stimulate dialogue between politicians and business people. For more information visit



Notes to Editors:

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