February 25th 2011 – Europe Debate

The Whipper-In, Oakham was the venue for the biz club member’s debate.
The proposal for the debate was:

‘This house believes that future generations are best served
by the UK being a member of the European Union’.

A full house welcomed our guest speaker Nigel Farage who opened the evening with a few words on the European Union.

The actual debate then opened with two guest speakers from the local Rutland College – Rachael Adams for the proposal and Ben Harris against the proposal. The students had done lots of research and preparation and did a marvellous job. They set a high standard for the other speakers in the room to match.


The room was kept to order under the watchful eye of the debate Chairman – Peter Tasker who made sure all were given the opportunity to speak on the proposal. Peter ran the debate on an even handed basis and all were given three minutes in which to make their point.

Peter asked Roger Nightingale a global economist to close the debate looking at the proposal from a financial perspective.

Following the debate a vote was taken. Overwhelmingly the attendees voted against the proposal and although many were happy to be part of Europe they did not want to remain in the EU.

A delicious supper of sausage and mash was served after the debate and many attendees who had elected to stay at the hotel for the night continued to discuss the topic into the early hours.


Lastly our thanks must go to the designer of thelogo which was used on the night – Dave Morton, Morton Carnie, Graphic services & website design/coding Tel: 01572 724965.