Cotswold MP predicts a bright post-Brexit future at the Biz Club



Cotswold MP Sir Geoffrey Clinton-Brown predicted ten bright years of sunny uplands for the UK post- Brexit, at the Biz Club’s monthly lunch held at the Falcon Hotel in Uppingham (Thursday 16 January)

Sir Geoffrey, who secured a Conservative majority of more than 20,000 at the 2019 general election, told attendees that it is time for people who have a common belief in conservatism and the Conservative party, to pull together as one nation irrespective of Brexit and to move on from three years of stalemate in the House of Commons.

He said: “I am looking forward very much to the next decade ahead. If the Conservative Party gets it right and delivers for the people of this country, we can look forward to ten bright years of sunny uplands. The last three years have been dreadful years of stalemate when, despite the Conservative Party being on the right side of the Brexit debate, the rules were manipulated and gerrymandered by one or two of our erstwhile colleagues who are no longer with us, aided and abetted by the Speaker. I can’t tell you what it’s like to see the votes go in our favour, with a new Speaker who will make sure the House thrives and abides by its rules”.

Sir Geoffrey said is was vital to remember that while the UK would be leaving the European Union, we were not leaving Europe where the UK still conducts 40% of its trade, with the need to cooperate on issues such as the environment, terrorism and drug trafficking.

Sir Geoffrey added that the future of the UK lies with young people who have deep concerns on issues regarding the environment.

He said: “Young people feel passionately about the environment because they are going to have to live with it for the rest of their lives and their children’s lives. We need to be able to share a vision of opportunity, of hope and promise, with a focus on the environment where the Conservatives have an impressive record. We were the first country to commit to becoming carbon neutral by 2050, to abolish the combustion engine by 2040 and above all, in the last ten years, had the largest reduction of carbon greenhouse gases of any G7 country”.

Sir Geoffrey also focused on need to continue support for businesses with a promise from the Prime Minister Boris Johnson to reinvigorate the apprenticeship scheme. He added there is also a commitment to build on a business friendly tax system that has already taken three million people out of the system by raising the tax threshold, with over three million more people in work today than in 2010, the creation of over 1.5m new businesses, with a further election pledge to increase NI contributions.

He concluded his speech with news of his aspiration to devise guidance for teachers to deliver an educational programme as part of citizenship classes in schools, where children would gain an understanding of finance, basic budgeting and how to become self-employed.

He said: “We need to enable children to be better trained on how to get on in the world. Statistics show the Conservatives are creating more well-paid jobs with wages increasing by 3.6 per cent, well ahead of inflation. So we now have a real opportunity to deliver Boris Johnson’s vision for the country, to support infrastructure with connectivity like we’ve never had before, improve the climate for business and give our youngsters hope that this is one of the best countries in the world to live and do business in and to bring up their family for the future”.

Biz Club President Geoffrey Pointon said: “What a fantastic start to 2020 with a passionate speech by an MP who understands the need to deliver for SMEs with a low tax system, a well-educated workforce, good infrastructure and a parliament that delivers on the will of the people to give hope and confidence for the future”.